2 thoughts on “J-4 bis before parution of YAKUZA’S REVENGE in english p48

  1. BackwardsRainbow says:

    Hey Broo!!! Your stuff is always great and I love every single lesson!! The big thing that I need to tell you is that your DA account was suspended because of the person. This person is a rule follower to every single word and she went and reported every single page that showed penetration of any kind..And it’s actually in the rules what what is deemed for mature content on DA..So you are suspended for I think 2 weeks it maybe even a month I have no idea O___O. I just think it’s a pain that she went and did what she did… 🙁

    1. Martine Richard Bovay says:

      Yes, I know and discovered “her”? I think it was a man… lol! I’m always wrong with the surname…
      No problem, I have talked to the helpdesk, and asked for help in order not to do the same error of classification…
      So, wait and see, and more time to draw, but now, for a couple a weeks, I’ll submit my drawings on my blog first and I can chat on FB…


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