Hello everyone ! I have an important thing to tell you. I have created a Patreon^^

In “Behind the scene” you’ll find everything I couldn’t draw on Yakuza’s revenge, all the scenes or fantasies about Ran and Kuran that I’ve been dreaming of drawing since the beginning of their adventures. There will also be some spin-offs that I’ve been promising you for a while on the secondary characters that gravitate in the universe of our famous couple. Blood ties is the story of Zhong-Yi and Xu (before becoming Thuang-Mu, the hitman we know in Yakuza’s revenge). Everything that brought them to their current situation. I’m also going to post sketches of a story that pops up in my head and which is set in the Middle Ages, in a Omegaverse universe. Welcome in my world.

Please come check-it out !

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